Eyes on Nigeria

Eyes On Nigeria

Click image to enlarge © Amnesty International Former Njemanze resident and landlord, Nene Briggs, sits on a pile of rubble in Njemanze street, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, 13 April 2010. She was one of several house owners who did not receive compensation when their property was demolished. Nene and her four children now share a single room with one mattress in Abonnema Wharf.

The lack of adequate protection of human rights remains an issue. From pollution as a result of extractive industry activity in the Niger Delta, to forced evictions in Port Harcourt and Lagos, and with communal violence and armed conflict across the country, documenting the human rights concerns in Nigeria is a challenging endeavor. These pressing issues, coupled with widespread police abuses and a penal system that sends scores of people a year-including children-to death offer no shortage of challenges to human rights protection in Nigeria.

By using satellite imagery and other remote sensing technology, mapping techniques, and incorporating eyewitness testimonies, photos and videos, the "Interactive Evidence" section of this site is intended to bring concerned people across the world closer to the daily threat rights holders in Nigeria face. Though no website can replicate the heat and roar of gas flares, the feel in the palm of rubble that was once a home, or the trauma experienced by Nigerians on a daily basis, this site can and must bring the world closer to human rights crises in Africa's most populated country, and where over 2% of the world's population resides.

In addition to interacting with these materials, please visit the "Human Rights Concerns" section of the site, where you can read more about Amnesty's concerns in Nigeria. Most importantly, visit the "Action Center", where you can take steps to effect positive change for human rights in Nigeria.

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